[faq q=”How is the lease payment determined?”]Banks, aka leasing companies, use what they call a lease rate factor. We take the dollar amount being financed and multiply it by the lease factor. On a five year lease it is approx .02 and on a 3 year it is approx .03. This means a $10,000 copier on a 3 year lease would be $300 a month. The same copier on a 5 year lease is $200 a month.[/faq]
[faq q=”Do you use remanufactured toner?”]On our new contracts, we do NOT use reman toners. We use genuine OEM parts and supplies and even use the factory technicians to go on site and take care of you.[/faq]
[faq q=”I do a lot of spot color, is there a plan for me?”]The Xerox Colorqube series is perfect for companies who do a lot of spot color. The spot color is billed at black and white pricing. If you did 3000 spot color prints, this could easily mean $150 a month in savings![/faq]