Copier Training

Get the most out of your copier in Fort Collins

Do you know how much you will spend on your next copier? It’s probably going to be thousands of dollars. Surprisingly, most businesses don’t spend the relatively small sum to get their employees trained on one of the most sophisticated pieces of office equipment that they have. A lot of time is put into the design of a copier and yours could have features that you don’t even know exist.

Here’s an example. You want to print 1/4 page fliers out for your salesman to distribute. In the real world it’s going to be printed, shrunk, shrunk again, then cut and pasted before the final product is out. With the proper training you would have known that that 20 minute job could have been done in 3 using the “paper saver” option. It would have been easier and produced a higher quality final product. These things happen all the time and are probably happening in your office.

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