The Truth about copier lease renewal.

Fort Collins, are you getting copier lease renewals?

Copier lease renewals are quite common in the copier world. We, however, do not recommend them. There are a few reasons why.

  1. Nothing is free. The lending institution that originally financed the lease on the copier wants to get its money one way or another. By signing a lease renewal you aren’t going to “be forgiven” they will just work the outstanding balance into your next lease.
  2. A copier should last the full length of a lease, if not then it was a poor quality machine to begin with. Do you really want to lock in with the same company that sold you the sub-par machine in the first place?
  3. These are often arranged when the leaser of the machine is in a tight spot. They therefore fail to see that there are other options. Look at what you have available and balance it against the lease renewal before you decide.

If you need a new copier in Fort Collins, please feel free to call.