Maintenance contract 101

Are you searching for a maintenance contract in Fort Collins?

If you are looking for a copier then you are probably interested in getting a maintenance agreement to go along with it. Once you get to the point of collecting quotes then you may notice that there are more than one kind of agreement. To help make this part of the buying process clear I’ve outlined the three major types below.

  1. Cost per print. This means that maintenance is figured into the cost of each print. It’s predictable, and good for people who like to know exactly what they are getting.
  2. Toner out. This means that the maintenance contract is purchases separately from the ink or toner. This is the contract that businesses with small printers often use because they can pay one price and be covered for the entire year no matter how much they print.
  3. Maintenance included. This one is popular for those that don’t want to pay a high upfront cost. The maintenance cost is wrapped into the toner cost. If you have printers that you don’t print very high volumes on this might be handy too. Be careful, you sales rep is probably going to try to stock your shelves with a bunch of spendy toner. (They make their money back only when you buy from them.)

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