Document management

How will your Fort Collins business handle capturing?

If you have been looking at document management for very long then you’ve probably noticed that capturing your documents is an important part of the process. If you’ve been planning to use your copier to capture your documents then it’s vital that you know whether it will be compatible with the docuement management system that you choose. Every manufacturer has their own brand of document management. Xerox has the Scanflow Store, Kyocera has KyoCapture, Lexmark has DocMP, HP has NetDocuments, there’s document mall by Ricoh, etc. etc. Most of these, however, are difficult to get to work with the network already in place.

A good document management system should easily capture, file, and retrieve in a simple manner. It shouldn’t be a pain to hook different brands to the document managment system that you choose. If you are looking at something that seems to be that way then you may be looking in the wrong place all together.

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