Data Security

Fort Collins, is your copier secure?

Unbeknownst to many, copiers can be a security weak point if they aren’t handled correctly. If you work in an information sensitive environment like a law office, or an accounting firm then this is worth some attention.

  • The majority of copiers built after 2002 have a standard internal hard drive. This stores a file of each copied image. Your copier now is most likely housing electronic images of copies made on the machine.
  • Not every copier comes with a data kit as standard. The ones that do may not have been configured correctly at setup.
  • Many times copiers are returned at the end of the lease. These may be resold. Do you have sensitive data on an unsecured hard drive when you return yours? It could end up in the hands of any number of people.
  • Lawyers, CPAs, Medical institutions, government entities, and anyone dealing with sensitive client data should check on this.

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