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Xerox Products Reduce Energy Consumption

By Marketing Group / December 16, 2021 / Comments Off on Xerox Products Reduce Energy Consumption

Global corporations have to play their role in protecting the climate. Xerox has reduced its carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption within its facilities. They have invented various product designs that help conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  It has managed to do it by offering its customers digital MFPs, copiers, and various other energy-efficient…

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Copier Ownership in Ft Collins CO

By Marketing Group / December 18, 2013 / Comments Off on Copier Ownership in Ft Collins CO

Buying and owning a copier whether for business or home can be a frustrating venture. Pahoda copiers in Fort Collins are often a cheaper option over a regular printer. It’s not always the case so be sure to do your research. The overall cost of the copier vs printer takes into consideration the cost per…

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Xerox – Still Innovating Copiers

By Marketing Group / July 14, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox – Still Innovating Copiers

Still Innovating XEROX is one of the enduring companies the present and present century. While the company is best known now for is best in breed copiers and printers. The company began way back in 1906 by making photography paper and in 1959 made the first plain paper copier. The popularity of the first model…

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Using the Copier Diagnostic Tools

By Marketing Group / April 27, 2013 / Comments Off on Using the Copier Diagnostic Tools

Modern Xerox copiers have built-in diagnostic tools and control panels that display error codes, which identify the reasons for performance issues. Potential problems include sorter bins in the wrong position, open covers, paper jams and overheating fuse units. The copier manual has a list of the error codes and the most likely reason for the…

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Xerox WorkCentre 5225 Review

By Marketing Group / November 8, 2011 / Comments Off on Xerox WorkCentre 5225 Review

Fort Collins: Xerox WorkCentre 5225 There are many copy machines in Fort Collins, and there are also many machines that have run their useful lifespan or have simply become dated. Some of these copiers are located in businesses, some reside in banks or libraries, and some are used in government buildings. If you are in…

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