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Be Ready to Answer Certain Questions Before Buying a New Copier

Knowing how to answer questions like the following ones will help make purchasing a copier a less stressful experience: Do you need a device with tabloid? Will you use finishing? What is the timeframe you need to purchase your device in? Is there a current device that will need to be pulled out? How does…

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Does Going Green Have to Cost You a Ton?

Green, Green, Green, this and the economy are about all we hear about these days.  At Fort Collins copier, we support green initiatives, but some of the programs out there are more fluff than reality.  All the manufacturers know that going green can help them make sales.  So, how can you weed through who is…

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Time to Lock up Copier Savings in Fort Collins!

There are more and more cost per print plans out there.  Instead of just your copiers, now we’re looking at your printers.  Why?  Because the numbers of pages produced by copiers has drastically been reduced over the last 3years and the number of prints continue to rise.  Much of this is owed to scanning technology…

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