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Insider Copier Secrets

The Nuances of a Fort Collins Lease

What happens when the lease ends? Vendors will have their own rules and policies set in place when it comes to leasing copiers or MFPs. It is filled with a lot of jargon, but it helps to have a lawyer review it with you, or you should at least become familiar with the jargon. The…

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Copier Buying Basics

Looking for a copier in Fort Collins? Are you looking for a copier? If you don’t know where to start it can seem daunting so we’ve put together a few tips and common mistakes that buyers make. This should get you started and of course there is plenty of information throughout this blog. Rather than…

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Fort Collins Copier $ Savings Tips!

Fort Collins Copier Savings Tips    When you meet with Fort Collins copier reps, remember they work on commission. They make more money when you spend more money. Listen to them, and you may find yourself buying more copier than your business needs (and spending more than your company can afford). Extra features you may…

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Do You Feel Like a Slave in Your Copier Lease?

Do you have a 5 year lease on your copier here in Fort Collins and wish you had not signed the lease at all?  Unfortunately, you are not alone in this feeling, but there are still some basic steps you can take if you are in this position.  First, you will need to identify WHY…

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Little Things You Should Know Before You Lease Pt. 2

This is the second of two posts on ways you can end up overpaying on your next copier in Fort Collins.   In the first article, I mentioned the importance of getting an itemized quote for what your really need (and how that can easily save you $1,000 dollars).   The second part is where copier reps…

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Little Things You Should Know Before You Lease Pt. 1

Here in Fort Collins, like the rest of the country, copier reps are paid on commission.   Now, I know you won’t believe this, but sometimes we are tempted to sell you something that (shock!) makes us more money!   This isn’t generally good for the consumer.   So, as a copier rep who actually cares about helping…

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