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Data Security

Fort Collins, is your copier secure? Unbeknownst to many, copiers can be a security weak point if they aren’t handled correctly. If you work in an information sensitive environment like a law office, or an accounting firm then this is worth some attention. The majority of copiers built after 2002 have a standard internal hard drive.…

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Accessories – How Much is too Much?

Drawers, Fax options, Scan kits, data security kits, extra memory, finishers and extra drawers… all of these have a cost.  Many customers will take “all the bells and whistles” not knowing what this can do to the bottom line.  the average finisher costs about an extra $1,000.  An extra drawer, on average $350. Fax option at…

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Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Review

Have you been looking for a color copier in Fort Collins and want some thing reliable and easy to use?  The Xerox WorkCentre 6400 may be just right for you!  This copier would not be great if you are doing 5,000 color prints a month because the cost per print is far too high for…

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Little Things You Should Know Before You Lease Pt. 1

Here in Fort Collins, like the rest of the country, copier reps are paid on commission.   Now, I know you won’t believe this, but sometimes we are tempted to sell you something that (shock!) makes us more money!   This isn’t generally good for the consumer.   So, as a copier rep who actually cares about helping…

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Time to Lock up Copier Savings in Fort Collins!

There are more and more cost per print plans out there.  Instead of just your copiers, now we’re looking at your printers.  Why?  Because the numbers of pages produced by copiers has drastically been reduced over the last 3years and the number of prints continue to rise.  Much of this is owed to scanning technology…

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